Things (almost) all people have in common:

  1. Hunger
  2. Money
  3. Sex
  4. Bowel Movements
  5. Death

Today, I thought about number five while carrying out number four. I mean, the best place to contemplate life- or death, in this case- is while sitting on the Jon, right? Isn’t that why people keep self-help books and their Bible on the back of the toilet? My General Science professor was lecturing about human functions today and this, in combination with with a trip to the bathroom, led me to think about the human digestive system (Hold up, hear me out). I began to think about all the times I’ve eaten and all of the things that have passed through my system and probably how many times I could have died if the digestive system was not as effective as it is. I’m 18. Let’s say that I average 2 meals a day, plus snacks here and there. So, that’s two times 365 days a year, which is 730 meals a year. Take 730 times 18, that’s 13,140 meals that I’ll have eaten in my lifetime. When I was a little girl, my grandmother would pick me up from elementary school. It became routine for us to visit McDonald’s, either for ice cream cones or for a burger and fries.  Let’s just say that my body has withstood all kinds of nutritional abuse; too much sugar, too much sodium, lots of unhealthy fats. And yet here I stand! Alive and well! I suppose, in conclusion, I should that…

So take care of it.


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