”After a long battle with cancer my first wife died. I remember our last summer as a celebration of life. Almost 12 years later I got remarried with a woman who was a high school friend of my sister. We dated a few times before in the 60´s. She was all into the flower power and I was quite a computer nerd so we weren’t a good match back then. We met again much later on in life. This time it clicked and we got married in 2010. My wife has MS and she is unable to walk anymore. Despite of her health she is very clear and optimistic about the situation. We are not able to travel long distance anymore but I recently managed to adjust our car and trailer to her physical circumstances. We try to make the most out of life.” -Unknown man quoted from Humans of Amsterdam
I love how optimistic this is. And it goes to show how people change, how life isn’t a one way street and how “true love” isn’t bound to one person in your life. 

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