3/29/14 Journal


After a fire, pine cones release their seeds into the surrounding wilderness. 

After surviving a personal tragedy, epiphany or extremity, people often participate in multiple sexual relationships and/or one night stands. 

What hell-fire have are you in, eh? 

What furnace did I step out of? 

Am i still in it? 




There’s nothing like spring sleet. Rain. Whatever. 

What do rain and this relationship have in common? They’re both momentary. 


“Stop smelling yourself.” 

I’m smelling the rain. Delicious. 

“How delicious?” 

Cookies and cream delicious. 

“I could eat that up.”

“You don’t even know what she tastes like, and she will flavor your entire night.” 

I’m not a puddle to be splashed through. I am single raindrop, colliding with memories of past dews, falling upon black pavement- my home for a minute- only to be evaporated again.

You cannot capture the rain.