Scene Deconstruction – Reservoir Dogs


Good thoughts on Tarantino’s brilliance

In my opinion, one of the greatest movie scenes ever. Perhaps one that has been referred to too many times. A contrast and irony in its use of music. A bizarre portrayal of a character so heartless and twisted. A seemingly simple hand-held style. The torture scene of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs is a cinematic masterpiece, using all aspects of cinema perfectly. Although it is such a famous scene, I felt compelled to deconstruct it for myself, as i believe it is groundbreaking and amazingly executed. I believe in learning from the best.

Here is a link to the scene on YouTube: Reservoir Dogs – Ear Scene


Michael Madsen: Mr. Blonde – Madsen is perfectly casted as a calm and collected gangster. A psychopath who confesses to enjoying torturing. In perhaps one of the most infamous torture scene’s in movie history, Mr. Blonde dances around a tied up Officer Nash…

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