Nonsense From Last Night


11:00 pm- making anagrams


Vacuums clean

Incas build

Cards play

Tacos smell

Other talk

Rainbows float

In the end though

A guy named ___ is into you.


But you say

Radical thought

I like area 51

Not just like, but love

Not just love, but adore,

adore its everything.


no- we weren’t drunk






It is warm and

the grass slips between

your toes- silky, bladed ribbons in the dirt.

Shimmering rays

needle through the beams

above you

as you rock slowly back,

then forth,

then back again.

As a soft push with your stiff bare-feet brings a gentle momentum to the

swing; back and

forth, and back

and forth… You think,

“Where am I going?”