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Video Treatments

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When creating a video project (particularly for a client), one of the best of the things you can create is a treatment. The treatment is considered a standard part of the development cycle for most film and television productions. The truth is that all kinds of video producers can benefit from creating a treatment.

The goal is to write a single document that defines the video’s concept and summarizes the creating approach to be taken.  Usually this can be as short as a single page.  The best part of making a treatment is that is formalizes the creative process for the video producer.  The major benefit here is that the document can then be shared with others as you work with other creative professionals, get approval from a client, or even seek funding or approval for the project.

I recommend the following approach to developing a treatment:

  1. Define the Goals…

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High School vs. College:

High School: “Ah, sorry bro. I’m broke.” This can be translated in many ways. Perhaps they simply don’t want to ask their parents for money; they don’t want to spend their money on you- they want to spend it on weed; they only have a couple dollars in their bank account which they’re saving to buy a new Tamagotchi. 

College: “Dude, I have no money.” All assets are depleted. Time to work the streets. 

Scene Deconstruction – Reservoir Dogs


Good thoughts on Tarantino’s brilliance


In my opinion, one of the greatest movie scenes ever. Perhaps one that has been referred to too many times. A contrast and irony in its use of music. A bizarre portrayal of a character so heartless and twisted. A seemingly simple hand-held style. The torture scene of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs is a cinematic masterpiece, using all aspects of cinema perfectly. Although it is such a famous scene, I felt compelled to deconstruct it for myself, as i believe it is groundbreaking and amazingly executed. I believe in learning from the best.

Here is a link to the scene on YouTube: Reservoir Dogs – Ear Scene


Michael Madsen: Mr. Blonde – Madsen is perfectly casted as a calm and collected gangster. A psychopath who confesses to enjoying torturing. In perhaps one of the most infamous torture scene’s in movie history, Mr. Blonde dances around a tied up Officer Nash…

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